Business Councils

Welcome to the business council of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong!

A member of a business council of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong holds a crucial role in promoting and fostering business relations within the Swiss business community in Hong Kong. As a representative of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, their responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities and tasks. Here are some key responsibilities:

1. Networking and Relationship Building: The member is expected to actively engage in networking events, business forums, and social gatherings to establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including Swiss and Hong Kong businesses, government officials, industry leaders, and other relevant organizations. This involves attending council meetings, Swiss Cham networking events, conferences, and seminars to expand their professional network and promote the interests of Swiss businesses.

2. Advocacy and Representation: The member serves as an ambassador for the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and advocates for their interests. They are responsible for effectively communicating the views, concerns, and needs of Swiss businesses to the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, relevant authorities, and other stakeholders. This may involve participating in discussions, providing feedback on government policies, and collaborating with other business councils to address common challenges.

3. Knowledge Sharing and Information Dissemination: Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the business environment is essential. The member is expected to stay updated on market trends, regulatory changes, and business opportunities in both Switzerland and Hong Kong. They play a vital role in sharing relevant information and insights with fellow members, facilitating knowledge exchange, and providing relevant resources to support Swiss businesses in navigating the local market.

4. Business Support and Advisory Services: As a member of the business council, they may be called upon to provide guidance and advice to Swiss companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in Hong Kong. This can involve sharing market entry strategies, offering insights into local business practices, and helping connect businesses with potential partners, service providers, or investors. The member may also collaborate with the chamber's support services to provide practical assistance to Swiss businesses.

5. Event Organization and Participation: The member may contribute to organizing events, seminars, workshops, and trade missions that promote trade, investment, and bilateral relations between Switzerland and Hong Kong. This can include identifying relevant topics, securing expert speakers, coordinating logistics, and facilitating productive networking opportunities for participants.

6. Committee Involvement: The business council may have various committees focusing on specific sectors or areas of interest. The member may be assigned to participate in one or more committees, contributing their expertise and insights to drive initiatives, conduct research, and develop programs that benefit the Swiss business community and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Overall, a member of the business council of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong plays a vital role in strengthening economic ties between Switzerland and Hong Kong, facilitating business opportunities, and providing essential support and advocacy for Swiss businesses operating in Hong Kong's dynamic market.