About Us

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (SCCHK) represents the Swiss business community to both the Swiss and HKSAR governments. Through regular meetings and luncheons, members can meet and discuss their common interests in HKSAR. The SCCHK also informs members of new government initiatives that might have relevance for them and acts as a lobbying vehicle to promote their interests to the Government.

The SCCHK is a member of the respected International Business Committee (IBC), which meets the Chief Secretary of the HKSAR quarterly to discuss business interests. Working in cooperation with the IBC as well as with other business chambers and organizations like the Trade Development Council, the SCCHK hosts luncheons in which members can listen to top speakers like the Chief Executive of HKSAR, the major policy secretaries like the Chief and Financial Secretaries, and local business of HKSAR.

Members also have access to social functions and luncheons organized by the SCCHK. Together with the Swiss Association, the SCCHK endeavors to provide a networking framework for Swiss nationals in HKSAR supporting the unity of the Swiss community while making it easier for individual members to avail themselves of the many opportunities that HKSAR offers.

The SCCHK has a quarterly joint publication, the Bridge, with SwissCham Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. All members receive this magazine as part of their membership fee. In addition to sending the copy by mail, the SCCHK also posts it on its Website. The Website also serves as an interactive platform that gives members information about coming events and permits them to ask questions of and share experiences with other members. Members can use the Website and the joint publication to advertise their companies and services to generate new business. The Website also contains links to other internet sites, giving members a quick and convenient way to have access to useful information that is particularly relevant to the Swiss community.